As an interdisciplinary artist, experimental technologist, and musician who was born and raised in Indonesia, my artistic practice lies at the synergy between performance, interactivity, and computation. I create objects, devices, and environments that occupy and extend the body—virtual playgrounds that jump off-screen and fold in on the users themselves; locomotive dream spaces that are flexible and noodle-like, tangling and untangling the hodgepodge of touch, vision, and sound; tendrils that provide collaborative affordances and therefore blur the boundaries between the self, the distant, the virtual, and the others; squishy switches and landscapes in buttons; blanket-costumes that wrap the wearer on another; future artifacts; letters, cables, hands, and liquid—amassing, heaping, bubbling, coagulating; prostheses that speculate and therefore create new user-proto-organisms.
Selected exhibitions:
2018 - Tomorrow the Window Collapses at Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
2018 - Sculpture Triennial at Woodsgerry Gallery, Providence, RI
2017 - RedGreen/ BlueYellow at Space 369,  St. Paul, Minnesota 
2017 - Lost& at Gelman Gallery, Providence, RI 
2017 - Vertical Horizon at Gelman Gallery, Providence, RI 
2017 - Modulo at RISD Expose, Providence, RI 
2015- Image Landscape at Gelman Gallery, Providence, RI
Selected awards:
2018 - Maharam STEAM Fellowship , in collaboration with the Strong National Museum of Play
2016 & 2017 -  Sculpture Scholarship Award 
2015- William Carey Poland and Clara Harkness Poland Scholarship Award​​​​​​​