Pure Data and GEMwindow, Laptop Webcam, Projection, Two Channel Speakers
“Storage Input” is an interactive projection which attempts to situate the body within a constructed digital realm, allowing it to alter and be altered by the reality. It creates a semblance of infinity by placing the webcam within a loop of a projected live view, which produce a universe which can be quantified by the delay between signal production and reception.
As the visual environment of “Storage Input” changes, Pure Data reads the gravity of the captured image and responds by reconfiguring the geometrical images as well as producing a corresponding ambient sound. The body is then given the opportunity to manipulate a digital realm through physical actions and bodily movements, therefore merging the tangible and the virtual. At the same time, all received signals are transmitted into an infinite digital depth and stored. As the installation is taken down, this realm ceases to exist and hence, the storage as well.
This installation stretches its possibility into being an instrument that can create a sound composition through different bodily movement/choreography.